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Brian Gavin Review

What makes a diamond so special? These rare, precious, desirable, beautiful, sparkling tokens of love that are created deep within the core of the earth are one of the most luxurious and enticing gifts for any romantic and celebratory occasion, a gem whose purity and brilliance are symbols of lasting love.

That is the main reason why more and more people opt for these magnificent creations of nature. However, the biggest obstacle in a getting-diamond way is how to determine which one is the right for you and which one will meet all your expectations. If you are facing this problem and if you are looking for your perfect diamond, be advised to visit Brian Gavin website and make your shopping experience easy and unique.


Brian Gavin is born and raised in South Africa and he belongs to a fifth-generation of the diamond cutter from South Africa. He is well-known for establishing grading system for hearts and arrows diamonds.

He had an opportunity to master diamond business since his family owned diamond polishing factory from a young age and he gained a firm knowledge that helped him to become a world-renowned expert in maximizing the brilliance of a diamond.

He also cofounded which quickly got a very good reputation of selling the finest cut diamonds.


Regarding the shipping, loose diamonds are shipped within 48 hours of receiving payments. The diamonds can be shipped to over 50countries.

Brian Gavin offers a Lifetime Upgrade Policy on all certified diamonds.

You are given a 15-day inspection period on all diamonds and jewelry which is pretty enough to determine whether you are completely satisfied with the order or not.

Moreover, you are offered ONE YEAR Buy Back Policy on Brian Gavin Signature hearts and arrows diamonds and Brian Gavin "Blue" diamonds. It means that Brian Gavin team will issue a check for 70% of the purchase price for diamonds that are in their original, undamaged condition and are accompanied by the undamaged AGS diamond report.


Being a perfectionist is what differs Brian Gavin from all other diamond sellers. Each stone sold at this store must be perfect or very close to that. That is why Brian Gavin has loyal customers worldwide and that is why we advise you to pay a visit to this professional diamond store.


Specially cut super-ideal stones are considered to be the biggest advantage of Brian Gavin diamonds. Speaking about this matter, I would like to point out “Brian Gavin Signature” Hearts & Arrows cut round diamonds. Princess cut diamonds are also found in their stock but in a small number.

What fascinated customers the most is Brian Gavin Blue collection. Having a diamond that has either Medium or Strong Blue Fluorescence is not very common and many people opt for these unusual pieces of jewelry.


Although buying a diamond with a strong fluorescence is not recommendable, when it comes to Brian Gavin Blue Collection you can feel free to invest your money into it. Each diamond that belongs to this collection has previously been pre-screened by Brian himself. It was examined in in both external and internal lighting to be absolutely sure that the fluorescence in these diamonds only affects the diamond in a positive way. And what is even more important is that you get a great diamond at a great price.


As I previously mentioned, it is of crucial importance to cooperate with knowledgeable and well-informed staff while buying your diamond. As for Brian Gavin team, you can expect very positive atmosphere and polite and educational answers. We asked them a lot of questions and what we get were a tactful and graceful approach and relevant answers.

Customers are also impressed with Brian Gavin packaging. Each piece that you can find in the box is very carefully wrapped in orange tissue wrapping paper.

Jewelry is put in very elegant boxes so the whole impression about Brian Gavin jewelry is far more than good.

Furthermore, the visual brilliance and fire on the diamond were remarkable even after it was taken into numerous different lighting scenarios. It contained the fire and brilliance that is usually expected of super-ideal cut diamonds.


All diamonds found at Brian Gavin store are certified by AGS or GIA so you can be absolutely sure about your choice to purchase here.

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