Clarity of a Diamond

The term clarity relates to a measure of the size and number all the tiny flaws that occur virtually all diamonds.

Most of the time, these tiny imperfections are not apparent to the unaided eye, so they do not reduce the beauty of the diamond in any noticeable way. The clarity of a diamond piece tells a lot about the diamond but it continues to be the easiest to understand among the Four Cs. Furthermore, experts say that clarity does not affect the appearance of a diamond piece as much as the other Cs do.

Clarity again means the small natural imperfections present in all but the finest diamonds. Gemologists use some technical terms to explain these imperfections. They are often named inclusions, blemishes, and other names. The highest clarity grades are given to diamonds that have the least number of imperfections.

What Clarity Grade Is Right For Me?

Go for an "eye-clean" diamond - one without obvious imperfections through the crown. This provides a great value as it is less expensive than diamonds of flawless (FL) or internally flawless (IF) clarity. The FL and IF diamonds are not only expensive but also unique.

In many cases, diamonds graded to be somewhat included (SI) have imperfections that cannot be seen by the unaided eye, which makes them an outstanding value. If what you want is a diamond piece of the SI grade, our diamond and jewelry consultants can be of help in this area to make sure that the imperfections cannot be seen by the unaided eye. Having the understanding of clarity, the next thing you ought to know is the carat weight of diamonds.

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