Color of a Diamond

Essential Points

Color indicates a lack of color which is a characteristic feature of diamond, it is also utilized in estimating the whiteness of a diamond. Alphabets D and Z are used to determine color grade with D as the highest and Z as the lowest grade.

We only shop diamonds of color grade J or higher.

Diamond shows a pale yellow color. It is on this notion that color grade is based on Diamonds shortage of color. Hence, the higher the color grade the less the color of the diamond. In diamond selection, two parts are of note and they are its color and the most primary is the cut. The cut was picked as primary because on sighting a diamond the first characteristic to be noticed is the sparkle (light performance) followed by the color.

What Color Is Right For You?

For the purist, we suggest that you select a transparent diamond graded between the range of D-F.
If you want a diamond of excellent value with no visible color, we suggest that you select within a near-colorless grade of G-I with the aforementioned points, it is sure you now understand the relationship between color and its impact on the appearance of a diamond piece. Now let's expand your knowledge on clarity.

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