Cut of a Diamond

Essential Points

  • the most relevant feature of a diamond is its cut.
  • the cut grade defines the beauty of the diamond

It also affects the yield of light (sparkle) produced by the diamond;

Little wonder, our team of experts advise that when selecting a diamond within your budget, you should always choose a piece with the highest cut grade. This is because amongst the Four Cs, only the cut of the diamond as an exceeding impact on the appearance of the piece.

The amount of light (sparkle) provided by the diamond is a factor of the cut, so it can be said that the cut grade is a true measure of a diamond's light performance. Geologists report that when a diamond is cut in the most suitable manner, light is returned out of the top of the diamond and this light is regarded as a table. Whenever the diamond is cut too shallow, the sparkle will be lost through the bottom of the piece and if the cut is made too deep, it will be lost through the sides.

Cut Grades

Ideal cut: this is placed top 3% of diamond quality on the cut basis. it is uncommon for reflecting almost all light rays that enter into the diamond. It is an unusual cut.

Very good cut: this is placed top 15% of diamond quality on the cut basis. It is less expensive and yet shows as many light rays as the ideal cut.

Good cut: this is placed top 25% of diamond quality on the cut basis. The cost of the piece is much lower than that of the very good cut and it still shows nearly all light that enters into it.

Fair cut: this is classified top 35% of diamond on the cut basis. it is a good quality diamond, but it cannot be linked to a good cut in terms of brilliance.

Poor cut: this type of diamond has lost their sparkle through holes at the bottom and sides due to their cut been so deep and narrow or shallow and wide.

What Cut Grade is Right for Me?

The finest cuts in the world ensure that each diamond is hand-selected and cut appropriately to meet up with the standard requirement.

A cut grade of good or very good indicates a diamond with an inherent combination of beauty and value.

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