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James Allen Review

If you know that over the past few years, James Allen has sold over $100,000,000 worth of engagement rings and loose diamonds then I am sure you can understand why this online retailer should be your next station.

Pursuit for a tempting piece of jewelry that will make you and your beloved happy is not always an easy job. This review is written with the purpose to help you select and buy a perfect diamond at the best possible price so James Allen seemed like a logical choice to start with.

Let’s Begin with the History

Founded in 2006 by four creative minds Oded Edelman, James Schultz, Michele Sigler and Dean Lederman who combined their talents to create it soon became one of the largest and most notable privately held online diamond retailer in the world. The main goal of these four people is to provide their customers unique shopping experience, high-quality jewelry and the best prices. Although being shy of just a decade in the business, its founders have 60 years of combined experience so you do not have to be worried about expertise and knowledge of James Allen team.

James Allen’s Business Model

James Allen itself does not physically own any of the diamonds on its website. It uses very simple strategy and business model. Its suppliers are in near proximity to the James Allen New York offices and there are photography centers in all its diamond manufacturing centers so the diamonds can be photographed and QC 24/7. That is why James Allen can provide 360° HD videos of all diamonds they are offering. And there are 120,000 of them!

Once your order is placed, it is inspected by James Allan staff. James Allen has skilled and well-educated gemologists at its headquarters who will review your diamond in order to check its quality.

After that, the order is shipped to customer who will hopefully be satisfied with the final product.

Thanks to this very convenient business model James Allan is able to offer very competitive prices, compared to other online retailers.

Inventory of Diamonds

You are offered 120,000 diamonds of different shapes, sizes and colors at When it comes to white diamonds, you will not have any trouble finding a right one for you. As for fancy colored diamonds, you might feel like James Allen does not offer enough alternatives, depending on the kind of fancy colored diamond you are looking for. But if you decide to cooperate with skilled and attentive James Allen team, I am sure you can find a perfect diamond for yourself.

Quality of Diamonds

In regard to diamonds, James Allen provides high-quality diamonds. Diamonds are graded by GIA or AGS so that you can be sure about the diamond’s quality in terms of light performance, color, clarity and monetary value. Diamond’s cut is stunning, color is just as you can see in the picture and the overall impression is far more than good.

James Allen’s 360° video technology: examine your diamond carefully

If you look at the pictures below, you will be able to conclude why this technology is so important. Before buying anything online, you must be sure that you are getting just what you see for the best price.

Many online vendors do not provide this function to their customers so this is one of the big James Allen advantages. 360° video technology makes reaching your final decision easier and it contribute to you making a good choice.

The diamond in the first picture has a visible inclusion, although it is very eye-clean. On the other hand, the diamond on the second picture has lower clarity grade, but it can be considered as a better choice.

Without examining these diamonds so carefully, you would never guess that the second diamond is a better choice.

 Higher degree of scintillation is important

360° video technology can also be very useful when it comes to this particular problem. If you look at the two pictures below, you will be able to see what I am talking about. Both of these diamonds are graded “Excellent” by GIA but looking at these pictures we can notice certain differences.

The first diamond has very clean black pavilion mains which give diamond a much better contrast and the scintillation of that particular diamond will be quite high. On the other hand, the second diamond has a very weak contrast and the amount of scintillation will therefore be very low. On the second diamond, we can also see some black areas under the table which signify light leakage. And if we didn’t have these pictures we wouldn’t be able to examine these diamonds so thoroughly.

So the diamond on the left is much better choice but without these high definition images you wouldn’t be able to determine that.

Brilliance matters

This is the case where high definition images and video technology play a huge role. Unfortunately you are not able to determine the brilliance of the diamond based on these pictures only, but if you click on these diamonds you can view them from various angles and all sides. If you do so, you will notice that the proportions of the left diamond maximize fire, while the proportions of the right one boost its brilliance.

Why James Allen?

In comparison with other conventional brick and mortar store and everything that was stated above, it is obvious that James Allen does not hide anything. You can examine your diamond completely, see every inclusion simply using effective video technology. James Allen website is user-friendly and you can easily determine which diamond is worth considering. Just look at the pictures and start your pursuit for an ideal diamond. What is also very useful is James Allen’s comparison feature. Once you like a diamond, simply tick the “compare” box. In this way, you can narrow down your choice and make the process of searching much easier. Be advised to use James Allen’s diamond color simulator that will show you how certain diamond color looks like.

Customer Service and Terms and Conditions

Customers are offered 24/7 customer service. Click on the “chat now” button accessible from every page of James Allen’s website and get an answer in one minute.

The customer service is very polite and willing to help you, so do not be reluctant to ask whatever you want.

James Allen also offers free shipping that is fully insured. No matter how expensive diamond you have ordered you will receive a 100 % full return if you return the item within 30 days. Engraving is also free so you can easily give your jewelry a personal twist of yours.

In case your ring is too big or too small, you can resize it for free within 60 days of receiving the ring.

You are also offered lifetime warranty on your jewelry purchase.

When it comes to prices, Blue Nile and James Allen have a big advantage over their competitors. You will definitely get a perfect diamond at the best price.


If you are still wondering “Why James Allen” I will simply say: the most prized diamonds, the best selection and the newest technology. You are offered the best shopping experience and you can be convinced that if you opt for James Allen, you are investing your money into high-quality jewelry that will last for the lifetime.

Before you buy a diamond, get personal buying advice from industry experts.

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