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Leibish Review

There is a huge upturn in the utilization of fancy colored diamonds and more and more people nowadays are expressing their preference for these sparkling colorful pieces of jewelry.

If you are one of them, the first question coming to your mind is where to find a glamourous, tempting and stylish colored diamond that will grab the attention of everyone around you. Knowing how hard it can be to make up your mind and determine where to start from, I am going to explain and give valuable reasons why your next step should be a visit to Leibish & Co, one of the most excellent retailers proficient at selling high-quality fancy colored diamonds.

Meet the Company (short overview)

Leibish & Co was founded in 1979 and they have considerable expertise in diamond business. Moreover, this was one of the very first fancy color diamond companies that used Internet potential to reach customers worldwide. Referring to its reputation this is a very well respected company, involved in various tradeshows and the annual Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender which is the most exclusive diamond sale in the world. Leibish & Co started as a family run business and today it holds more than 1,200 loose diamonds that fit each budget. There is a wide choice of diamonds of different hues, clarities, shapes and sizes. Provided that you still have some doubts and difficulties in making the final choice, you can simply contact experienced and well-informed Customer Support via phone call or live chat. Moreover, on the user-friendly website of Leibish & Co, there are all-embracing articles that serve as an educational guide for consumers.

Leibish & Co policies

Leibish & Co offers 30-day money-back guarantee which definitely proves that the company is sure in high quality of its products. Moreover, you are given free worldwide shipping for all products purchased on their website. All bought items are empowered by the two-year warranty and servicing policy. Customers are also offered a professional appraisal report by a skilled GIA appraiser. Moreover, Leibish & Co also thought how to make paying method as simple as possible, so you are able to opt for PayPal, Wire Transfer or Credit Card payments. If you still have some questions that are not answered, please visit far-reaching FAQ section on  Leibish & Co official website.

What is really making Leibish & Co so special?

Firstly, I would say loyalty. During 33 years of experience, Leibish & Co has built a large global network of devoted clients who keep returning because the company managed to continuously exceed customer’s expectations. If you resolve to invest your money into buying a fancy colored diamond, there are two crucial things you are obliged to pay attention to. The vendor you are going to cooperate with must be knowledgeable and qualified to answer all your questions and the company you chose should provide all necessary information on their website. As for Leibish’s website, it is very accessible and easy to handle with. It’s really simple for all users to navigate and search for specific information. Based on your preference related to color. price, weight, shape, intensity or clarity you can narrow down the inventory listing and make your search much faster and helpful.

Yellow Vivid Diamonds Listing on Leibish & Co website

Regarding online shopping, a very important thing is to get intensified, high-quality pictures. Before buying any piece of jewelry you should be able to look at the photographs of it. In each listing on Leibish & Co website, you can find pictures of loose diamonds captured at various angles and settings. Eyecleanliness and the color distribution of the diamond are important information you ought to be extremely careful about.

When it comes to buying the color fancy diamond, first criteria should be definitely color. The color is of uttermost importance because the stone’s appeal and value depend on it. What Leibish does really well is providing first-rate photographs for their customers in order to make them have unique shopping experience. Reading shopper’s experiences on its website you can be assured that you are getting accurate and authentic photographs that are in accordance with the actual diamond you receive.

I would like to point out a 360° video button you can use to examine a loose diamond from various angles. Buying it in an actual diamond store wouldn’t provide you such a detailed analysis of your jewelry. In addition to this, if you are not sure whether the wanted diamond is certified, check it simply using ‘View Report’.

You can be convinced that shopping at Leibish is nothing less than amazing and do not be reluctant to check it out.

Reveal the Secret That Lies Behind Stunning Jewelry

Making an original engagement ring or any other piece of jewelry is everything but not an easy process. The very first step is choosing a beautiful stone that will grab attention and make the jewelry unique. Unfortunately, this is the ‘simple’ part. The next thing that must be done is the setting to complete the piece of jewelry. As it was previously mentioned, the experience and correct skills to maximize the beauty of the mounted stone are necessary. In order to intensify its saturation and hues, each stone must be cut differently. Setting the stone with the right amount of metal and alloy composition matters so much because this is the only way in which diamond can achieve its full potential. Having found out all these facts, I can convince you that only at Leibish & Co you can find such a high level of expertise and skillful hands that will make your wish come true.

Although sometimes, it can seem that Leibish jewelry is too much expensive, I can assure you that it’s worth of every paid cent. Jewelry made at is one that will last for the lifetime. It’s noticeable that skilled experts and members of Leibish’s team are paying attention to every single detail. Workmanship is done so well, that the rings are bursting with life and sparkling.


On the whole, the final conclusion is IMPRESSIVE! The whole shopping experience is very smooth sailing and enjoyable and you can be absolutely convinced that you are in the safe hands. Now let’s pursuit for your ideal diamond starting right from the  Leibish & Co website.

Before you buy a diamond, get personal buying advice from industry experts.

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